Revenue Guru Grant Writers

    Terms and Conditions for Grant Fund Guarantee Program

    Completed grant proposals must be submitted within one week of completion and on receipt of the grant fund source mailing list.

  1. All advice regarding program development and program description must be implemented without exception. If you ignore our advice and do not receive a grant, you will not qualify for a refund.

  2. All grant proposal clients are awarded a technical assistance grant for the design and maintenance of a web site, clients must provide web site content for monthly maintenance. Each client must have a website designed and hosted by Revenue-Guru. There is no charge for this service and it is not optional.

    Revenue-Guru has been established since 1983 with a funding acquisition rate that is almost 100%. The clients that do not receive grant funds are clients that do not follow the advice provided by the grant writers and program developers, or fail to provide services described in the program summary or program description. All clients who follow the advice provided in writing will receive a cash refund in full within 12 months of submission of grant proposals to foundations or government agencies.


Services covered under the technical assistance grant: Technical assistance grants cover website design services (content must be provided by client) email: MAIN MENU