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Summary of Fees & Services

To date, two New Horizons Computer Learning Centers and Two All Tech Training Boot Camps have received Grants within 60 days. We currently have 40 training providers, and only enough grant funding capacity for another 10.

In response to our recent conversation, I have composed a summary of Revenue Guru Grant Proposal fees and services.

Please be aware that our web site is currently under construction. http://revenue-guru.com

For the sum of $750 I will write a foundation grant proposal not to exceed eight pages including images, and an annual budget.

For an additional $100 per month I will research foundation funding sources and submit your proposal to up to three funding sources each month.

 Research and submission services are optional

Your organization will receive an email copy of each proposal submitted along with the name of the funding source. The Grant proposal submission process generally consists of completing an online application which can take up to an hour to complete.

Vanessa M. Lasko, Executive Director for The Wisdom Tree Center, a non-profit organization, has agreed to function as your fiscal sponsor because your for-profit organizations are generally not eligible to receive foundation grant funds.

 Ms. Lasko will charge a fee of $100 for each client enrolled at your Computer Learning Center under the grant award program, to cover accounting and reporting cost.

Terms of the $100 payment may be satisfied in four installments of $25.00 each until the total fee of $100 has been paid. This installment payment option has been made available for New Horizons Computer Learning Center clients as some of the learning centers have opted to have the clients pay the fee.

As The Wisdom Tree Center or LPS will provide your organizations with fiscal sponsorship, the funds will be awarded to the non-profit and paid directly to the training provider within five business days of receipt of the award, provided the funds have cleared the bank and are available for use.

Revenue Projection
We expect to conservatively secure $100,000 in grant awards per computer learning center, per quarter, which is equal to only four new engineering clients each quarter.

Marketing Support is Optional
Ms. Lasko and I will provide marketing support in the form of public speaking engagements in your service area, for new client recruitment purposes. The fee for this service will be $100 for each paying client we refer to New Horizons and All Tech Training.

 Ms. Lasko will be paid $100 for each paying client referred by her, and I will receive $100 for each paying client referred by myself.

We expect to refer up to ten paying clients a month each. The duration of this agreement is 12 months from the date of commencement. Please feel free to contact me via email or by phone for questions, comments, or suggestions.

Nancy Faria da Costa, CEO
Revenue Guru
805 426 5550



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Recent References for Revenue-Guru

We have always wanted to train people who were homeless, disabled veterans, and youth at-risk. Nancy got us partially funded in 90 days. We teach our first WordPress Boot Camp in July! A.J. All Tech Training

I've known Nancy for years, and some how she has managed to make sure that we get the funds we need ...Shonda

This has been the most wonderful business experience. I thought it risky to work with a company so far away, East Coast to West Coast. So far from the truth. Revenue Guru was open and honest and very, very supportive. Nancy listened closely to what I needed and directed me to my goal. NOT USING.. Revenue Guru,..aka Nancy would be foolish. She knows the business and is ready to share her knowledge. Everything cost...why not get the BEST! Thank You so much Nancy. I certainly will be using your services again. Sincerely, D. Carter of "Up-N-Coming"

Comments received from Laity Institute of the Arts:

From the first phone call to subsequent communications, Nancy has been on top of her game. I found her to be professional, positive and a creative thinker. She'll stick with you until you get funded. I highly recommend her services.


Comments received from Transend Ltd:

I was very happy with the work Nancy did on my document.

Comments received from Women's Athletic Performance Foundation:

Revenue Guru was great! Nancy did a fantastic job researching and pointing out critical statistics about our own project, and how we could be more effective in reaching our full mission. We are a fledgling non-profit, and I am excited to continue our working relationship as we begin to grow!

Comments received from Digital Media Marketing Group:

Nancy has been my consultant for many years and I think she is one of the most talented writers I know. I would highly recommend her for grant writing services.

Comments received from Philadelphia Automotive Training School:

Nancy is an excellent grant writer who is always available and produces excellent, results oriented work. I highly recommend Nancy.

Comments received from Kobra Fitness:

Nancy is awesome!! I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is seeking a grant writer. Nancy communicated with us constantly throughout the entire process while completing her work of art within a short time frame. Kobra Fitness definitely plans to utilize her services in the future!

Comments received from Things Not Seen Mentoring Program:

Nancy is a true professional. She made sure she understood the objectives of my organization, she took time to explain the services she provides. Nancy makes herself available and didn't not mind answering my questions over and over until I understood what she was conveying. I highly recommend Nancy, she truly provides 5 star quality service. I plan to secure Nancy for future business, writing and consulting services for our company. Thanks a million Nancy. William Matheny, CEO Things Not Seen Mentoring Program, Inc.

Comments received from A Hand 'n Hand:

Nancy, Thank you for your “thinking out of the box” solutions!

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