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Revenue Guru has been established since 1983

We write grant proposals for Vocational Training Organizations, Churches and other non-profit or for profit organizations
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Your organization needs more funding if you are to meet your objectives, as problems and conditions continue to degrade even more people are in need.

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Small business incubators provide entrepreneurs with; entrepreneur training, reduced rent or periods of free rent along with shared services such as marketing, administrative, and accounting. Nancy Costa, CEO of Revenue Guru states, “Our ideal incubator owners are life, entrepreneur, and business coaches”.

Small business incubators vary in size and purpose, not all incubators offer the array of technical and business training offered in Revenue Guru Incubators. The duration of the training program is 12 weeks, two hours a day, Monday to Friday.

Revenue Guru, full service non-fiction writers, and certified technology trainers have received funding to start-up, and operate small business incubators in 10 U.S. cities.

Non-Fiction Writers Fees and Services

Adding Video To Your Website - $100 per page and will include uploading your video to LinkedIn, Youtube and Facebook

Business Plans - Start at $500

Technical Writing - $25.00 for each 425 word page

Book Writing - $25.00 for each 425 word page

Website Content - $25.00 for each 425 word page

Brochure Writing - $25.00 for each 425 word page

Grant Writing - $750 for Foundation Proposals

Alternative Energy Grants - $1200 - $1500 for Government Grant Applications.

My name is Nancy, and I am the Revenue Guru

Call me directly: 805 426 5550

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Established Since 1983
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Training will be offered online in real-time from 10 am to 8 am and archived online for participants who are unable to attend in real-time. Certificates will be awarded to participants who successfully complete training. Online training will consist of instructor led vocational and entrepreneur training in real time, and archived online in the following areas:

• Website Design with Dreamweaver & Word Press – 10 days • Microsoft Office – 10 days • Graphic Arts with Photoshop – 10 days • Social Media Management will include Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn – 10 days • Search Engine Optimization – 10 days • Google Analytics Certified Partner Training – 10 days • Entrepreneur Training/Business Plan Development – 30 days Phase one funding is guaranteed and will cover website design hosting, maintenance, and consulting services for 12 months.

These services will be provided by Revenue Guru Staff. Funding is performance based will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis after successfully completing the 12 week training program.

There is a $100 participation fee for each incubator participant. Technical assistance grants will be awarded within 30 days of satisfactory completion of the training program. Funding amounts will vary contingent upon the participants and business owners’ budget’s.

Real estate brokers, developers, and commercial real estate owners will receive a significant tax deduction when they donate office space to incubator owners.

If commercial property owners donate free rent for incubator occupancy they will receive generous tax benefits, the property will be maintained, and improved. Vacant real estate depreciates in value, and occupied real estate generally appreciates in value.

Donating vacant commercial real estate to small business incubators can help to revitalize enterprise zones with new businesses, give small business owners an opportunity to start-up, expand, and generate badly needed jobs