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Revenue Guru has been established since 1983

We write grant proposals for Vocational Training Organizations, Churches and other non-profit or for profit organizations
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REVENUE GURU: Full Service Non Fiction Writers - Experienced & Certified International Grant Writers - Affordable Grant Writing Fees - Our Success Rate Exceeds 95%

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Grant Writer Services

Please feel free to give us a call any time:

805 426 5550

Your organization needs more funding if you are to meet your objectives, as problems and conditions continue to degrade even more people are in need.

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Receive Technical Assistance Grants in 30 - 90 Days Guaranteed - Payment plans available!

Revenue Guru Client's have received more than $750,000 in technical assistance grants over the past 12 months, and we expect to double that amount over the next 12 months. We write grant proposals for all non-profit organizations, business ventures, and individuals. All of our grant writing clients will receive a free website and 12 months free consulting services as part of the technical assistance grant. Send us an EMail or give us a call 805 426 5550



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Revenue Guru has been established since 1983. We are full service non fiction writers, nonprofit management consultants, experts in sustainability and innovative fundraisers.

Our mission is to provide your organization with administrative support, and a strategic plan that will make your nonprofit more fundable and sustainable.

Funding sources consistently give proposals a higher score when we collaborate with them. Revenue Guru Professionals are certified in international grant writing, computer software instruction, and have been federally funded to provide entrepreneur training.

Our clients include New Horizons Computer Learning Center Spokane,  M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center, United Way and we are subcontractors for Affordable Grants.

We partner with you, and together we are stronger and your organization has the best chance of being awarded grant funds.

Our grant writing fees start at $950 for a foundation grant proposal, and that fee includes a list of up to five funding sources. Government grant proposals start at $2,000 and all research is included.

Start your own Non Profit Organization Fees are $2,200 and include a Grant Proposal, Articles of Incorporation and 1023 Application for 501 C 3 status. Terms of Payment are half in advance with the balance due on completion. 

Get funded in 30 to 90 days . Funding awards and funding guarantee includes cash awards and technical assistance grants for consulting and web site design services.

Check out our training videos on Youtube.com Search for Revenue - Guru Affordable Certified Professional Grant Writers & Instructors.


Our Fees:The total cost for our Grant Proposal Submission Service is $100 per month to submit your proposal to up to three foundation funding sources. Payment terms are half as a deposit with the balance due immediately after proposals have been written and approved.

Established Since 1983
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Clients who have been awarded grants in 2016 include:

AppTrainer Inc. All Tech Computer Training Center, Bratten House Shelter, Creative Learning Center Emergency Response Inc.

Our Process:

Funding sources must first be researched based on the mission of the nonprofit and the funding guidelines of the funding source.

Grant funds are researched geographically and must match the guidelines of the funding source. We have an extensive database of funding sources available that will fund nonprofits when they meet their funding criteria. 

If you select me as your grant writer I will first identify a funding source, request information from your organization, write the proposal and submit it on your behalf online.

Terms of payment are half of the total fee is due once the funding source has been identified with the balance due on completion of writing the proposal. Once the final payment has been made we submit your proposal and send confirmation to your email.

Please Send us an EMail for additional information

Grant Proposal Submission Services

Revenue Guru has been established since 1983 and our funding rate exceeds 95%. We are certified, professional international grant writers and sustainability consultants.