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Nigerian Orphans

We must change the way we care for people who cannot care for themselves, by implementing aggressive sustainability ventures. It is time we turned each African village into a global marketplace where their goods are sold online. Our objective is to package, photograph, and market online everything from coffee to textiles, in every African village in Nigeria.

The statistics are grim, but we cannot be overwhelmed by the fact that almost 20 million children in just one African country are orphans. Soliciting donations has not solved the problems that continue to plague countries like Nigeria.

A recent study conducted found that the number of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Nigeria is estimated at 17.5 million, out of which 7.3 million are orphans by HIV/AIDS. And of course we need money to care for these children. They must be taught self-sufficiency, housed, feed and educated. Generating revenue is the only way to help people who must learn how to help themselves. This project must begin one village at a time.

One in six Africans are Nigerian. Nigeria has the largest population in Africa and the second largest population of people living with HIV/AIDS, only behind South Africa. The AIDS crisis has already had a large impact on Nigeria’s society and economy and it is feared to only get worse. Because Nigeria is such a key member of the Economic Community of West African States and the Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group, the economic effect AIDS is having on Nigeria will then spread to other West African states.

Our objectives also include providing free legal assistance to Nigerian youth whose homes are stolen from them when their parents die from AIDS, and free legal assistance for responsible people who are willing to adopt Nigerian orphans. We are also committed to providing free health care screening for the impoverished Nigerians and counseling for women who need alternatives to abandoning their children to orphanages.

We need funding for legal associates, health care workers and a webmaster. We expect to be self-sufficient in two years.

Please contact me with questions, comments or concerns.

Thank you in advance for your donations,

Program Summary

A significant component in our program is to promote the adoption of Nigerian orphans in America and Europe, by reaching to adults who are interested in adoption. Our efforts will include contacting adoptions agencies and providing them with written material that promote the adoption requirements for Nigerian orphans.

In Nigeria, we must work with every aid agency possible to promote the online sale of textiles, jewelry, wood carved crafts and coffee. We expect to accomplish this task by connecting with villagers who are selling their goods in African marketplaces and offer them websites. Our agency will receive a commission on each sale and the remaining profits will be forwarded to the seller.

We will utilize local social workers, volunteers and legal advisers, employed by our organization to work with orphans who are attempting to remain in the family home with siblings or other relatives to insure that the orphans are not victimized.

Problem Statement/Needs Assessment

The incidence of HIV/AIDS among the adult population is estimated by UNICEF to be 5.4%. This is a national average. The figure in Abuja, the federal capital is over 12%. HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention including reducing mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS is a high priority for both government and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs). UNICEF estimates that there are over 1.8 million orphans as a result of HIV/AIDS. This is more than a quarter of all orphans.

Orphanages are overflowing and there are hundreds of thousands of orphans that are all alone, victimized by human traffickers or relatives of their deceased parents.

Preventing the transmission of mother to child HIV/AIDS can be accomplished with frequent health screening, and by providing contraceptives to women who are HIV positive. These services are expensive, and we intend to pay for these services by building online stores and selling the goods that Africans make on the Internet.

It is not enough to identify services that need to be provided we must help needy populations become self-sufficient.


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