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For the past 14 years the Executive Director of Image Minds has met the needs of adults with developmental disabilities.

Providing services to needy populations must be performed by people who have a passion for serving those who are less fortunate, than people who are capable for caring for themselves and their families.

The administration and staff at Image Minds cares for developmentally disabled adults in a deeply caring and passionate way.

For profit and non profit organizations have been hard hit by the current recession and passion not with standing, Image Minds also needs revenue. We need $55,000, to continue to provide essential services to developmentally disabled adults.

The services we provide are designed to empower adults that cannot fully care for themselves due to a variety of impairments. We provide classes in reading and writing because every breathing and self-aware person is capable of learning and improving themselves.

Our focus is to make our clients as self-sufficient as possible in an environment that is supportive and empowering. We provide classes in computer literacy because the world is dominated by technology, and our efforts have been rewarded with our client's achievements.

Please contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions. Funding in any amount would be greatly appreciated.


Program Summary

Image Minds takes an individual approach when it comes to the program development and care of each client. Each client receives a personal development plan that addresses their vocational capabilities, community participation goals, and a plan for self-advocacy empowerment.

We teach job readiness skills and assign our clients to locations where they work as volunteers. Some clients perform office work, other clients care for and work with animals, or sort clothes. We help our clients’ develop interpersonal communication skills. Image Minds also instructs our clients on how to use public transportation, and this enhances their sense of self-confidence.

We provide our clients with information, support, and instruction that will make them as self-sufficient as possible. We invest a significant amount of time helping our clients to learn how to conduct themselves in varied environments.

Critical areas of support and instruction, that make it possible for our clients to become gainfully employed, receive intense, and deliberate focus, with amazing results. They never give up and neither do we.

Our clients are taught life skills that include money management, household skills such as laundry and cooking.  The management staff at Image Minds makes every attempt to make sure our clients are exposed to environments like museums, movie theaters, banking, grocery stores, and other recreational activities.


Provide support and instruction that helps people with developmental disabilities function as independently as possible.

         Teach reading, computer skills and writing
         Seek appropriate employment placement for our clients
         Empower our clients to become capable and confident
         Enhance the life and lifestyle of the people we serve
         Provide transportation services to our clients


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