Certified Grant Writers Since 1983

Our Grant Fund Success Rate Exceeds 95%

For a limited time, non-profit organizations can benefit from our special offer. Pay half the quoted fee for a foundation grant proposal and the balance will not be due until after you receive your grant!

Certified Grant Writers

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Send us an EMail or give us a call 805 426 5550

Certified International Grant Writers Established Since 1983



Send us an EMail or give us a call 805 426 5550

Our clients include New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, numerous independent computer and entrepreneur training providers, Laity Arts, Affordable Grants, United Way, M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center, and an IT service provider for fortune 500 companies.

Please feel free to give us a call any time: 805 426 5550


Established Since 1983

Non Profit Management Services Include:

  • Researching Funding Sources
  • Submitting Proposals for Funding
  • Grant Proposal Writing
  • Self-Sufficiency Components
  • Computer Literacy Training
  • Check our References

Get Funded in 90-120 Days

Our success grant award success rate exceeds 95%

Government Grant writing fees start at $2000

REVENUE GURU: Full Service Non Fiction Writers - Experienced & Certified International Grant Writers - Affordable Grant Writing Fees - Our Success Rate Exceeds 95%

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Welcome New Horizons Computer Learning Center Clients,  All Tech Training & 38 other independent training providers.

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Get your new non-profit funded in 30-90 days.

1. Our non-profit management consultants will write an affordable grant proposal for your organization and submit your proposals to up to five funding sources.

2. Your board members must attend two network marketing meetings each month. We recommend Chamber of Commerce events. Distribute your proposals to interested attendees and collect their business cards.

3. Request donations for your project from meeting attendees and provide donors with a receipt for their tax-exempt donation.

4. Plan and implement a self-sufficiency component.


Full Service Non Fiction Writers

Established since 1983

Foundation Grant Proposal Fees start at $950 for: Healthcare Grant Proposals - Technology Grants - Education Grant Proposals including STEM Grants

Grants for all Non Profit Organizations

Our Fee to help organize a Non Profit Organization is $2,200 and includes:

State Application or Articles of Incorporation with Bylaws - Federal Application and a Foundation Grant Proposal.

Government Grant Application Fees: $2000 - $3500

Business Plan Fees: Start at $500



We write grant proposals for churches and other non-profit or for profit organizations. We also provide fiscal sponsor for computer and entrepreneur training providers nationwide.
All government grants are evaluated by a former international federal grant reviewer and foundation grants by former private grant adviser. I am certified in international grant writing, computer software instruction and entrepreneur training. My credits include writing an entrepreneur training program that scored more points than the grant writers from Cal State L. A. School of Business, my client received more than one million dollars.
Grants are available nationwide to provide instruction in:

Computer Software Courses - Microsoft Office

Network Security - Cisco Systems - Microsoft MCSE

Web site Design - Adobe - Graphic Arts - SMM/SEO


Certified Grant Writers - Established Since 1983

Certified Grant Writers


We write grant proposals that demonstrate an impeccable discernment of the problems, superior unambiguous solutions, and a flawless plan that will mitigate the financial risk, with the maximum probability of success. I have been a successful grant writer for more than 30 years with an emphasis on programs that benefit for-profit business ventures, non-profit organizations, under-served populations, and communities.

Our grant fund award success rate exceeds 95%. Foundation Grant writing fees start at just $950. Terms would be; half upon submission of a detailed outline designed to identify your funding objectives and a summary of your program, the balance is due upon completion of writing your grant proposal.

Government grant writing or RFP application fees start at $2000, terms are half due upon submission of a detailed outline with the balance due after the proposal has been completed.

Please feel free to give us a call any time: 805 426 5550